Costume Care



                Laundering or dry cleaning a trimmed costume is NOT RECOMMENDED. To keep the costume fresh – spot clean trouble areas after each wearing using Ivory Liquid, cold water, and a clean white towel for sponging and blotting.


Sequin fabric: 

                Please be aware that sequin fabric is delicate. It is made by sewing strands of sequins onto fabric – in lines with single threads. If one of the threads break, the strands will come away from the fabric. If that happens, the sequins should be hand stitched right away – so that large sections don't unravel. After stitching the sequins back down, the loose threads can be cut off to keep your garment looking nice. 

                Sequin fabric is great looking so a little care of your costume will go a long way and if the time is taken to care for the costume it will last a long time.


Stones and Trims: 

                Please be aware that stonework and trims are very delicate.  Here at Togatae Designs, we do hand-beadwork, which means that each stone is sewn onto your costume.  This minimizes "shedding" that normally occurs with glued stones and prolongs the life of your costume.    In costumes with extensive or intricate beadwork, the gentler you are to your costume (putting it on/off, and storage) the longer it will last and the better it will look.  Treat it with the same care that you would give your evening gown.  For each costume, you will be provided with storage suggestions.



                In all Togatae Design costumes we use zippers from one of the world’s largest manufacturers, YKK. We use the invisible zipper because it looks the best. 

                Zippers are fragile. If handled roughly or pulled too hard, the fabric on the sides of the zipper feet can get a snag. If this happens, the zipper foot can get hooked inside the snag and make it too hard to zip properly.

                All you have to do is – look close and as you are zipping, don’t allow the foot to catch in the side fabric of the zipper.  If you zipper gets really bad, we can replace it.  



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